• John Hughes
    John Hughes
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    60 mins

    Testing sprints? Hardening sprints? Why do so many of us have these and other ways to get around completing all our required testing inside our defined timeboxes? Isn’t our goal to produce deployable features at the end of every Sprint?

    During our session, we will examine why it’s so hard to accomplish all necessary testing inside the iteration and show how to complete these tests within your timebox. Through interactive discussion and real world examples, we will provide insights on foreseeing, overcoming, and avoiding your hurdles and send you home with both long term methods and short term actions that will yield tangible results in achieving your goal.

    Our session will:
    • Illustrate the value of completing all of your testing inside your timebox
    • Identify the challenges in completing all these tests in such as seemingly short period of time
    • Discuss ideas and options to successfully overcome these challenges
    • Explore how to enable your organization and environment for efficient, rapid testing
    • Discuss real world examples of enablement and how we navigated the pain points of enabling testing processes that allow complete testing within an iteration
    • Explore DevOpsSec and how achieving testing within your timebox is a precursor to DevOpsSec
    • Provide short term tactics and actions to immediately improve your ability to complete your testing
    • Allow you to voice your concerns and challenges and discuss potential solutions to these impediments

    Most of us implement agile to reduce the time to deliver valuable working software and to increase the frequency of delivery with high quality through increased and earlier collaboration, shorter feedback loops, and reduced risk. While you can show improvement over Waterfall by performing typical agile methods, you cannot really live the dream without optimizing your agile execution.

    You will leave this session armed with the right knowledge to improve delivery on your current project or start your new projects properly so that you or your clients can reap the benefits of efficient process and high-quality software capable of achieving continuous deployment of fully-tested code at the end of each iteration.

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