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    A Thin Automation Framework for Managable Automated Acceptance Testing

    Wyn Van Devanter
    Wyn Van Devanter
    schedule 2 years ago
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    60 mins
    Automated Acceptance Tests (AAT) can provide huge value, and can automate time-consuming tasks like regression testing, but aren't easy to scale.  Have you tried implementing them only to abandon them later?  Are they fragile?  Do they give a lot of false positives?  Do they take more time to write than the value you're getting out of them?  These are common problems with automated acceptance testing, but there are ways to mitigate these issues.  One great way is to create a very thin automation framework that helps you write the tests faster while reducing the fragility.  Wyn will walk through writing a thin automation framework, illustrating a test-driven approach that yields a framework appropriate for the software being tested.  The resulting tests are very clean and readable, and they become faster and faster to write as the framework evolves.  He will use C# and Selenium but the concepts are applicable to other languages and browser automation frameworks.  He will also illustrate simple approaches that reduce the fragility and maintenance costs of the tests.  Participants will come away knowing how to get started on an automation framework that will be easy to understand and maintain, and that should scale as much as needed.  
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