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    Cero a Cien: Creating Excellent Distributed Teams with Agile Principles & Values

    Matt Phillips
    Matt Phillips
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    60 mins
    Experience Report

    Building successful distributed delivery teams is a challenge. Leveraging the benefits of Agile methodologies is even harder. However, if you identify your vision of success, create a plan, and apply Agile principles and values, it is possible to create highly-performant, distributed Agile teams. 

    During this session, Matt, the Director of Project Management at Appia in Durham, and Jose Naranjo, a Team Lead with Velocity Partners in Colombia, share how they used Agile’s core principles and values as the foundation to build a successful nearshore team. Their experience report will show how to organize the teams, set up relevant working agreements and avoid the common “offshore/nearshore” pitfalls. 

    If you have participated in similar endeavors and did not see success, are currently working with distributed teams, or are about to embark on an initiative to build a new team, this presentation will provide a roadmap and useful strategy.

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