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    The Trust Impediment: Cultivating Organizational Trust For Tremendous Results

    Kimberley Parsons
    Kimberley Parsons
    Carmen Sullo
    Carmen Sullo
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    60 mins

    Often times, trust is the silent impediment that impacts teams’ ability to be most effective in their performance and delivery of results. The trust impediment is often hidden because teams are hanging posters with trust as a team norm or organizations have trust listed as a core value; but, the missing link is the establishment and maintenance of a culture of organizational trust between all levels of the players in the agile structure.

    Moving beyond the feeling or value of trust to the impact of it on behaviors and bottom-line at leadership and practitioner levels opens the door to resolving this barrier and increasing results. In this session we’ll explore the tangible expense of an organizational culture lacking trust and a solution for teams and leaders to move towards greater trust.

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