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    Yes, Words Really Do Mean Things - Establishing a Shared Language

    Matt Badgley
    Matt Badgley
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    During this conference, within the books we read, in our day-to-day lives -- we use words as a means to negotiate, interact, express, and do. Words, whether written or spoken can play differently based on the people that exchange them. In the world we are living today, words are bantered so freely that they cause a war or unite a community or save a marriage or demoralize a team.

    As we see today, the concepts of agile are permeating the enterprise and scaling out from the team to the program management office to the executing chambers. Words are often mis-used, mis-understood, and lead to bad behaviors.

    In this session, we'll discuss the general challenges of communications and the overwhelming vocalbulary that we have embedded in our craniums.  We'll explore words -- in particular, the words we use everyday around software development. We look at how some of the basic words we use like Velocity, Sprint, and Team have clear meanings and plenty of baggage. 

    To help solidify the learning of this workshop, we'll use a couple brainstorming games -- so come prepared to get engaged. We'll wrap-up by using our collective experiences to either find better ways to explain our words or establish brand new ones. Our ultimate goal is to establish a way an organization can establish an ubiquitous language around the work they do and ultimately improve communication which will lead to better agile transformations and hopefully better solutions.

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