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    Kicking off an Agile Product, Team and Culture

    Darren Hoevel
    Darren Hoevel
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    60 mins

    As Agile sweeps through the industry at amazing speed, organization struggle how to “transform” their culture and adapt their project execution in their new enterprise. Meanwhile, the business and IT struggle to understand what is expected from them as they enter new projects under the “Agile template”... In this session we will discuss how “setting the stage” for an Agile product, team and organization will help to level set expectations and increase the probability of business value delivery by everyone involved. We will leverage standard project documentation, Agile best practices and facilitation games to emulate a Agile product kick off. Our goal for this session will be to provide the group with an Agile kick off “template” that will increase team buy in and minimize team hurdles along your journey to happy customers. DISCLAIMER: No magic fairy dust will be provided... just a compilation of tools for you to utilize as you feel fit.

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