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    Great Teams Deliver! How to Get Them Started on the Right Foot.

    Dan LeFebvre
    Dan LeFebvre
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    60 mins

    Have you ever been on a great team? I hope so. If not, have you ever witnessed a great team? How did it feel? Did you ever wonder if great teams can be encouraged? Are there methods for helping teams gel more quickly? Why should you care? Well it turns out the "secret sauce" of delivering great products is a great team. There is nothing like the productivity, energy, and innovation of such a team. Many studies show that a great team will deliver even in the most challenging circumstances.

    For teams to truly form from a group of individuals, they need to establish trust, learn how to work together, and share a common goal. This session will show you how to help teams form through a collection of of activities and games that enable team members to learn about themselves, to learn about the work, and to learn about the process framework being adopted. Your teams will gel more quickly, produce value faster, and energize the team members.

    In this session you will participate in various games and activities that help teams form. This will give you a feel for how the games are played and how to facilitate them. Give your teams the best chance to move from forming through performing as quickly as possible.

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