• Sara Handel
    Sara Handel
    schedule 2 years ago
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    30 mins

    Agile methodologies originated with and gained recognition from software development projects. With an enviable track record of success, more and more organizations are adopting Agile as the standard approach to managing all types of projects.

    You rarely hear about the enviable track record of success managing Business Intelligence projects so you may find yourself thinking about using Agile on your next BI project. Once you decide to try Agile, it can be tough to know where to start. In this presentation, we will focus on the first major step in getting started: Assess the Current State.

    Before you embark on implementing Agile, a crucial path to success starts with knowing where you are today and where you want Agile to take you. The group will identify what we think are the biggest BI challenges. We will go through a provisional maturity model to determine what questions to ask and will discuss how those challenges may or may not be addressed by taking steps to increase your organization's Agile BI maturity.

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