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    No defects in a government setting? What does that really mean?

    Joshua Seckel
    Joshua Seckel
    schedule 2 years ago
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    60 mins

    We have heard a lot about no defects or zero defects, but is that reasonable or achievable in the government context?  How else can each sprint be deployable? Or how can you get to true flow with each story deployed to production?

     This session will explore how to get to a no defects posture across all of the tests required in a government setting. 

    We will look at the various types of testing:

    Unit, Functional, Integration, Security, 508, System, User Acceptance, etc 

    We will look at what defects mean and how (or if) they should be tracked

    We will look at what potential impediments from government organziations may exist in reaching a no defect state of software delivery

    We will look at what tools and techniques can be used successfully in the government setting to address the impediments and achieve no defects in released software

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