• George Paci
    George Paci
    schedule 2 years ago
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    30 mins

    Agile planning tools started simple: index cards, markers, and a table or wall. On many projects, for many reasons, these old stalwarts have been supplemented (or even replaced) by software solutions: Rally, VersionOne, Jira Agile, Trello, Trac, Scrumy, and literally dozens more, even BaseCamp. These tools have undeniable advantages over cardboard and ink in some aspects, but they're not superior in every situation.

    This session will highlight the pitfalls of centering planning meetings around software tools—even the best ones, like [your ad here]—and make a badly-needed sales pitch for index cards on a wall (compensating for Oxford's oddly anemic marketing effort). You'll see how cards can make better use of your team's time and brainpower, promote parallelism in meetings, and increase engagement by all participants.

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