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    Lead Time: What We Know About It and How It Can Help Forecast Your Projects

    Alexei Zheglov
    Alexei Zheglov
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    60 mins

    The session is about just one metric, but a very important one - lead time.  Simply put, lead time is the time between the start of work and delivery.  And there is a catch: if the work has to wait in a queue or if we switch from it to work on something else, the clock keeps ticking until we deliver.  Lead time has proven to be a difficult metric to game.  Even when people try, they often end up delivering faster, with less delay - win-win.

    We will look at examples of real-world lead time data for several different types of work from different companies.  We will discuss the very recent new insights into lead time distirbutions.  Those will then lead us to building useful probabilistic delivery forecast models for your process.  Building such models is surprisingly easy and takes surprisingly few data points.  The models, in turn, enable better decisions.

    Are your ready to embrace the probabilistic approach?

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