• Jason Tice
    Jason Tice
    schedule 2 years ago
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    60 mins

    Agile and Lean principles call for teams to delay decisions and activities until the “last responsible moment” so as to minimize rework and waste.  While this sounds good in concept, sometimes teams fall victim to waiting until it is “too late” to make a decision or get started on a needed activity resulting in missed opportunities and/or down-to-the-wire heroic efforts to meet a deadline.  This workshop entails a competitive LEGO simulation where participants will divide into small teams, each team will be given the same simple LEGO build challenge, and then each team will be able to conduct their own experiments as to when the “last responsible moment” really is.  Following the LEGO build challenge, participants will engage in a debrief to discuss the outcome of the challenge, identify factors that helped to successfully identify the last responsible moment, establish linkages between the LEGO simulation and agile software development activities, and of course congratulate the winners of the challenge.  During the debrief, participants will complete a debrief worksheet to reinforce key learnings and takeaways from the simulation that they will be able to take with them from the session.  Best of all, this is a LEGO session, so you will get to play with LEGO and fun will be had by all!

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