Abstract: Building the right product team? Don’t forget product management!

The success of agile development methods has had a detrimental effect on product management. The role used to be clear but what is today’s profile for product management success? Agile methods are great but the intense focus on product development has ignored the business and marketing roles of product management. Product management activities extend beyond development to shepherding the product through the entire process from idea to creation to delivery to customers.

  • Just enough process
  • Four types of product management expertise
  • How big should a product management team?
  • What's next for your team?

Now that we’ve optimized development, it’s time to get product management refocused on the business. 


Outline/Structure of the Talk

Just enough process. Scrum and Lean Kanban are excellent methods but for many, the focus on product means that the rest of the product management activities are underserved. We'll look beyond product management's role in product development to promotion, selling, operations, and support to examine the "whole product" approach. We'll also recommend extending retrospevtives beyond process to include business goals and market results.

Four types of product management expertise. There are four types of expertise found in product management: business, market, domain, and technology. Which of these skills are missing from your team? We'll discuss these four types of expertise and provide a tool to inventory your team skills. 

How big should a product management team? I'm often asked how many people are needed in product management. The answer depends on how many other departments are relying on product managers to supplement their staffing.

What next? In this short breakout, we'll discuss an assessment tool to determine which skills are needed to create a world-class product team. 


Learning Outcome

Learners will be able to assess their existing teams to identify missing skills. An assessment tool will be provided.

Target Audience

heads of product management or development

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  • George Dinwiddie
    By George Dinwiddie  ~  5 years ago
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    This outline doesn't give me enough information to make a decision. Can you give us more detail?

    • Steve Johnson
      By Steve Johnson  ~  5 years ago
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      I've expanded the outline. Is this what you need? 

      If not, could you please point me to a proposal that you think is good so I can adapt mine accordingly.