Grails is already a great platform for agile software development.  Developers using Grails can iterate rapidly, without the burdens of tedious Java EE syntax and server restarts.  Yet the best part of using Grails in an agile environment may be the testing frameworks.  In this session I will demonstrate two testing frameworks in Grails: Spock and Geb.

Spock brings BDD-like syntax (given, when, then) to tests, with support for running the same tests against different inputs and outputs.  Geb simplifies writing functional (UI automation) tests, as a layer on top of the Selenium Web Driver.  Geb makes UI automation more accessible to developers by embracing closures and jQuery-style selectors.  Geb integrates fully in the Grails build cycle; the coverage report combines coverage across unit, automation, and functional tests.  A team using both Geb and Spock can choose the best form of testing for each story, for example, isolating business logic with unit tests, and covering controller classes through end-to-end UI tests.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Talk with screen shots of real working code and test results.  I will also have some live examples, but for talks generally prefer slides/screen shots of what I plan to show to avoid any technical glitches.  

Learning Outcome

Understand what Grails testing frameworks can do and how they can help you in an agile project

Target Audience

developers, testers

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