Prioritization Techniques: Lets move beyond MoSCoW!!

  • Have you been in a situation where everything gets prioritized as MUST HAVE?
  • Have you been in a situation where you have find it difficult to get different stake holders to agree on relative priority of different features?
  • Most of the time is spent in discussiing low value features?
  • Whoever screams the loudest, gets their pet features prioritixed high?
  • Do you want to learn some more prioritization games/techniques that can be used to start prioritizing at Feature level and subsequently refine it to story level?
  • You feel the current technique(s) you use for prioritization are time consuming and ineffective?

If answer to any of the above questions is yes, this is the workshop for you to attend

Why Prioritization?

Customers are never thrilled to find out they can’t get all the features they want in release 1.0 of a new software product. In reality, customer expectations are high, timelines are short, and resources are limited. Any project with resource limitations has to establish the relative priorities of the requested features, use cases, or functional requirements. Prioritization helps the project manager resolve conflicts, plan for staged deliveries, and make the necessary trade-off decisions. Thus, requirement prioritization is used in Software development for determining which requirements of the software product/application should be included in a certain release. Requirements are also prioritized to minimize risk during development so that the most important or high risk requirements are implemented first.

Several methods for assessing a prioritization of software requirements exist. In this workshop we are going show some of techniques/games we have used for feature prioritization.

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Outline/structure of the Session

We would like to cover three prioritization techniques/ Innovation Game which  prospectively allows to prioritize the functional requirements


1) Why Prioritization is important (5 mins)

2) Common pitfalls while prioritizing (5 mins)

3) First innovation game(hands on) for prioritization (15 mins)

4) Second innovation game(hands on) for prioritization (15 mins) 

5) Third prioritization technique (10 mins) 

6) Q & A (10 mins)

Learning Outcome

Explore 3 innovation games for prioritization through

  • Highly interactive group activity

■ Understand:

  • Common Pitfalls
  • Tips for effective prioritization
■ How to prioritize the features with a group of diverse stake holders - builds consensus, encourages negotiation
■ Learn how these techniques alow you to understand the reasons behind the priority
■ How to do a Cost v/s value evaluation while prioritising

Target Audience

Business Analyst, Product Managers, Product Owner, Technical Lead, Project Manager

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