Evolution Toward Agile Processes in a Complex Traditional Environment

Agile SW Development methodologies are being increasingly adopted in both the private and public sectors because of their potential to produce better software faster than traditional waterfall approaches.  But the adoption of Agile by Federal agencies, where there is longstanding - and often contractual - tradition of waterfall approaches, presents challenges with the belief that never the twain shall meet.  While purists may lament the merging of methodological dichotomies, we have found that the adoption of hybrid agile practices within a legacy Federal waterfall environment can lead to significantly improved outcomes.  Realizing the benefits of Agile via a hybrid methodology raises common challenges that we have found can be overcome in “agile-esque” transition, including including: 

  • Adopting a practical ‘water-scrum’ hybrid process
  • A multi-vendor environment for functional areas - requirements, development, QA, IV&V
  • Disparate geographic locations for key participants
  • Satisfying traditional SDLC gate reviews
This presentation will feature a case review with real-world lessons-learned adopting Agile methodologies in a distributed and multi-vendor environment within a large Federal healthcare agency.
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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Evolving from a waterfall to agile approach
  • Approaches to satisfying traditional gates
  • Overcoming various challenges/complexities

Learning Outcome

Understand how leveraging concepts of agile in a hybrid approach can still lead to better outcomes than traditional waterfall methodologies.

Target Audience

Project/Program Managers, Development Team Members

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  • David Gagliano
    By David Gagliano  ~  4 years ago
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    Federal organizations used to traditional waterfall lifecycles have major challenges in changing over to adopt agile methodologies.  Looking forward to hearing how the benefits of Agile can be realized in such a traditional environment

  • Tom Woteki
    By Tom Woteki  ~  4 years ago
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    This is an intersting proposal as it addresses a common issue: introducing agile methods into a traditional SW development environment.