Where is the idea for a product born? When does it become a narrative? A story? How does it make its journey into this world?
A song that Sir Paul McCartney wrote from him dreams; A machine, a cure, an app that was designed in a dream - Seems like these products spoke to their creators. Enchanted and filled them with passion; creativity; joy and urgency; and a need to make them a reality.

How would it be if your product spoke to you? Seducing you to make that precious product alive. Not just exist.

Join us to journey into the products life! To live in its persona. To perceive it with the highest regard. To treat it with compassion. And above all to position yourself as its creator and connect with it.

After walking you through real life story of how the concept of "product persona" was born, and its application, you will be given the opportunity to create "product personas" for ideas that want to flow from your mind; or products that you are currently working on.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

5 minutes - Introduction to the workshop Forming teams, selecting a product and a product persona owner

5 minutes - Raje will do a short presentation on how the concept of Product Persona came into being and the benefits of its application for product development

25 minutes - Create a product persona that addresses questions detailed in the information for review team

15 minutes - Share product persona with the larger group 

10 minutes - Q&A

Learning Outcome

A deeper understanding and passion for products that an individual or a team is working on. Ability to learn the perception of others, thus able to help with their understanding of the product
Describe a product capabilities and its relativeness to other business units like sales and marketing.
Enhanced ability to "stun the customer" with thoughtful questions, and generate product information.

Target Audience

product managers, product owners, ideagenerators, project sponsors, product sponsors, development team

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