Burn Your Tickets - You Don't Need a Zillion "Practices" to Deliver Results

User stories, sticky notes, planning poker, TDD, pair programming: none of this makes you agile, and none of this delivers business value if your team's culture isn't rooted in one of delivering results.

My company has 10 developers, four ticketing systems, a wiki, Google docs, and no project managers.  It works and it works well.  We deliver demonstrable business value every day by focusing on results.  We're agile and we get stuff done.

In this talk, I'll outline our incredibly minimal process for solving business problems and show how it actually works better than heavyweight processes driven by planning, tickets, iterations, and sprints.  Best, it can work at any level of an organization, from individual developer, to project team, to organization.

You'll see how being "agile" and delivering results doesn't require story points, burndown charts, or weekly planning sessions. You just need to know what problems you're solving, and have a laser-like focus on results.

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Outline/Structure of the Experience Report

  1. Intro
  2. Motivation
  3. Demonstration
  4. Summary

Learning Outcome

I want to show that working from first principles—the agile manifesto as an example—can lead to wonderful results without having a lot of heavyweight process.  I want to show that sometimes it's easier to deliver valueable results by letting those principles guide you, rather than set up a bunch of process and tools.

Target Audience

Engineering Managers, Developers, maybe Product People

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