Persevering through Agile Transformation

Persevering through a scaled agile transformation often requires more than strong character and a firm foundation in the fundamentals of Agile – it also requires a big toolbelt.  This session will provide you with the fundamentals of organizational development and change management to add a few tools to your belt.

Keep your eye on the prize

We’ll start by grounding ourselves in Agile principles and set the stage with the unique benefits and rewards of multi-team agile transformation. And, knowing our prize must be hard-won; we’ll also tee up some of the unique challenges.

Manage through the ups and downs

Here, we’ll identify the Agile practices we are moving toward contrasted with those we are moving from. More than that, we’ll explore how to enable our Agile journey through the art and science of organizational development and change management.

Stay the course

Resistance is natural (and not always futile) and it comes in many shapes and sizes.  We’ll dive into the sources, types, and examples of resistance including how to turn it around and get everyone back on course.

Celebrate often

To close, we’ll explore the ceremonies of Agile and propose a ceremony of celebration your successes and failures.  We’ll examine the impact of both on your organization, your culture, and the success of your Agile transformation. 

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Outline/structure of the Session

Characteristics of a Scaled Agile Transformation

The Practice of Organizational Development

Identify and Turnaround Resistance

Celebrate the Successes and Failures

Learning Outcome

This session will provide tools and techniques from organizational development and change management to apply to scaled Agile transformation. 

Target Audience

Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters

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