Agile processes evolve. Agility is here to stay.

Starting with the agile mindset is key to organizational transformation and sustainable agility. Because there is no “one way” to do agile and new tools and philosophies emerge constantly, teams and organizations are better positioned to sustain agility when they take a flexible, agile approach to process design. This talk illustrates these points, and then provides specific examples of success with tailored process approaches. 

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Outline/structure of the Session

This is a presentation-style discussion with several direct interactions with the audience. I will tailor examples according to audience requests and will also leave time for open discussion about what audience members are encountering in the field. 

Learning Outcome

  1. Agile is a mindset, not a single process or methodology. Agility is most sustainable when people and organizations balance the “being” and “doing” of Agile.
  2. Participants will see the importance of taking an agile approach to organizational transformations and agile process design.
  3. Enabling organizations with the agile mindset and the tools to evolve their agile processes is a great path to sustainable agility.  

Target Audience

Beginning agilists in larger organizations or organizations looking at tailored adoption. In addition, more experienced practitioners feeling "stuck" with their current transformation strategy will enjoy this session.

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