How many times have you heard someone say that scope is fixed and then throw a tantrum when they hear how long it will take to build?  How many times have you seen the spirited creativity of development teams evaporate when a stakeholder tells them the deliverable cannot be changed at all?  And how many times have you discussed agility with naysayers who say, "That's all fine in an ideal world when you are building some hip little application, but we're in the real world with real projects with fixed scope."

This presentation explores the myth of fixed scope, how damaging the notion is, and the tool we all have at our disposal for escaping the trap.  Come explore how natural it is to use it, and yet how vigilant we need to be to keep ourselves from casting it aside.



Outline/Structure of the Talk

This presentation includes the following sections:

  • The Myth of Fixed Scope
  • How We Naturally Communicate
  • Negotiable vs. Solution Stories
  • The Agility of a Dinner Party

Learning Outcome

 Participants will leave with:

  • An understanding of the misleading nature of the phrase "fixed scope".
  • Clarity about what is really fixed about fixed scope.
  • A deeper understanding of the profound difference between pursuing goals and completing laundry lists.
  • An awareness of how goals tie in to the way we naturally operate.
  • Thoughts on how can we remain vigilant about sliding into traps of checklist thinking.
  • Application to sprint goals: a key difference between Scrum and kanban.

Target Audience

development team members, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches

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