Go beyond the software, automate hardware scenarios on Android Emulators

Explore the limits Appium can help you achieve to control the Android Emulator behavior. Automate network emulation, receive fake SMS and phone calls, change the battery states and levels and a lot more, all using real-life test cases. What happens to my app if I lost connection? How does my UI react to an incoming phone call? And more.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Slides, live demo, show native apps that make use of the test cases to be presented. Present a list of real-life cases where it would make sense to use the hardware commands provided by Appium

Learning Outcome

* Learn how to use all hardware features that Appium provides to use with the Android Emulators

* Encourage Appium devs to port these methods to all the clients

Target Audience

QA developers, Appium developers


Have the minimal knowledge of writing Appium tests or worked in some sort of mobile automation.

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