Trust Issues with UI Automation

UI Test Automation is notorious for stability issues. UI automation is almost synonymous with "Flaky Test". We discuss taking a proactive strategy towards test automation flakiness as opposed to a reactive approach where we look at failures and then decide the course of action. How can we in the test automation community use and develop tools that helps eliminate flakiness and also identifies flaky tests before they are not just run but even before they are merged. How do we create these tools in a service model that plugs into our Continuous Integration pipelines ?

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Outline/structure of the Session

Introduce the problem.

Work around that are commonly used in the industry

Why the above does not work

Introduce the services and approach we have designed

Go into details of the "Test Stability Validation Service"
Overview of benefits after using this service

Data to support the claims


Learning Outcome

The outcome of this is to understand where we are going wrong as an industry to address a core problem with our output. What we can do to change it and see examples of how it has already been done at Sony. Understand the impact it has had on our test stability and release cycles and brain storm ideas on how this can be imported to other Companies.

Target Audience

Test Automation Engineers working on UI Automation using frameworks like Appium


Has basic understanding of UI automation. Understands concepts such as code linting, service module, CI/CD, Stable identifiers, multi-platform support.

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