In today’s agile world the time to market is becoming increasingly shorter. There is a constant desire to release ASAP to keep ahead of the competition and to please users with updated/new features. Because of this, we have less time to fully do manual and exploratory testing of our apps. Especially, when you consider all the combinations of OS's, Locales, Accessibility, Orientations & Resolutions apps support. Running anywhere from 1 to 100's of Appium crawler bots (covering all of those combinations) at once we can discover more issues quickly and efficiently without having to write a line of code.

UI Automation also has its limitations as it only tests for expected results. Crawler bots test the unexpected, by collecting metadata such as logs, app strings, screenshots, memory and reporting back it’s finding for review so we can test all these combinations quickly and more efficiently. In this talk, I will go over the current challenges we face in today's development world, why we need more tools to help us keep pace, and cover how you can build your own Appium crawler.

I've open sourced this tool and is available here for everyone to use:

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • The Challenges
    • We're moving faster but also sacrificing quality because of it. I will discuss today's world in Agile development.
    • How we got here and where we're going.
  • Why we need more tools to help us
    • I will discuss current UI automaton limitations of only testing the expected result.
  • Benefits:
    • Why adding a crawler to your DEV/QA process is an efficient way of finding more issues without writing any code.
    • Exploratory testing all of the combinations your app support at the same time.
  • Available Open Source Tools
    • I'll review the available tools I used to create an Appium crawler.
    • How to use these tools for manual and automation testing.
  • Contributing
    • I've open sourced this project and will show people where to find it and how to get started. Either using this tool or building their own crawler.

Learning Outcome

Attendees will come away with knowing the benefits of adding automated exploratory testing to their build process to help move faster and not sacrifice quality. What open source tools are available and how to use them for both manual and automated testing.

Target Audience

Manual QA, Automation Engineers, Product Engineers or really anyone that can relate to trying to keep up in today's fast development world.

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