Experimentation and quick feedback is the key to success of any product, while of course ensuring a good quality product with new and better features is being shipped out at a decent / regular frequency to the users.

In this session, we will discuss how to enable experimentation, get quick feedback and reduce risk for the product by using a case study of a media / entertainment domain product, used by millions of users across 10+ countries - i.e. - we will discuss Testing Strategy and the Release process an Android & iOS Native app - that will help enable CI & CD.

To understand these techniques, we will quickly recap the challenges and quirks of testing Native Apps and how that is different than Web / Mobile Web Apps.

The majority of the discussion will focus on different techniques / practices related to Testing & Releases that can be established to achieve our goals, some of which are listed below:

  • Functional Automation approach - identify and automate user scenarios, across supported regions
  • Testing approach - what to test, when to test, how to test!
  • Manual Sanity before release - and why it was important!
  • Staged roll-outs via Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store
  • Extensive monitoring of the release as users come on board, and comparing the key metrics (ex: consumer engagement) with prior releases
  • Understanding Consumer Sentiments (Google’s Play Store / Apple’s App Store review comments, Social Media scans, Issues reported to / by Support, etc.)

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Outline/structure of the Session

This will be an interactive session where I will go through the following flow:

  • Highlight differences in testing & release strategies of Mobile apps Vs Web-based / backend-components
  • Introduce the case study product
  • Interactive discussion on 3-5 aspects of key enablers to enable experimentation & a quality release of the Apps

Learning Outcome

The participants will leave with the following takeaways:

  • Understanding and appreciation of challenges in Mobile App release process
  • Techniques to build & test native app to ensure a good quality product
  • Techniques to enable experimentation in this complex mobile app ecosystem, and how to reduce risk in the same

Target Audience

QAs, Automation Engineers, Devs, BAs, Product Owners


- some experience with building / testing / releasing mobile apps will be useful

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