How to make Appium more stable and more user-friendly

Appium is very useful tool, but that does not mean everyone can use it without any effort.
Users sometimes need to tweak command parameters, and the version upgrade of Appium or dependent platform sometimes causes problems.
As the lead developer of a cloud testing service using Appium as its backend, I have been managing these problems with various measures.
In this session, I introduce especially unique ones of all these measures.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • How we are wrapping Appium to make it more user-friendly (This topic contains code samples)
    • Scrolling to the specific element
    • Catch-all wait
    • Using AI locator effectively
    • Picker wheel
    • Hiding keyboard
  • How we are managing the Appium instability issue
    • Reporting issues and submitting pull requests
    • Preparing our own regression test set for Appium itself
    • Collaborating with Appium committer
    • Easy bug report feature
    • And so on

Learning Outcome

  • Learning how to use Appium more conveniently.
  • Learning how to overcome Appium's instability more aggressively.

Target Audience

Mobile Automation Engineers, Test Tool Developers


Basic knowledge or experience about Appium

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