The testing struggle is real…

We test complex systems that integrate with multiple other complex systems.

These kinds of dependencies can cause inevitable delays on getting testing done. However working in a micro services environment this requires testing sooner to deliver faster.

To assist us with this problem we use MockServer to mock out some of the systems we integrate with via HTTP or HTTPS.

Using MockServer allows us to do a couple of really cool things like:

· Create the responses for our HTTP dependencies.

· Isolate the SUT so we remain in a known state.

· Test the application in isolation and not all its other dependencies.

· Include test assertions that verify the requests the SUT has sent.

Come hear about some of the testing problems we faced and how MockServer helped us on our Automation testing journey.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

PowerPoint presentation - introduction of ourselves and a brief explanation of what MockServer is.

Workshop - which will include a demo and practical application of how to use MockServer to mock dependencies.

Learning Outcome

How mock-server works

Collaboration effort for devs and testers

Mocking dependencies & verify requests

Test sooner & deliver faster

Isolating the SUT

Target Audience

Developers and Testers

Prerequisites for Attendees



Notebook and pen

A smile

Good energy

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