In this age of a variety of cloud-based-services for virtual Mobile Test Labs, building a real-(mobile)-device lab for Test Automation is NOT a common thing – it is difficult, high maintenance, expensive! Yet, I had to do it!

Attend this talk to understand the Why, What and How I built my own MAD-LAB (Mobile Automation Devices LAB). The discussion will include –

  • Understanding the context,
  • Why no cloud-based solution worked for me,
  • The automation strategy for Android / iOS / Web platform,
  • The tech-stack (cucumber-jvm / Appium), and,
  • The core implementation to build your own MAD-LAB! (already open-sourced)
  • How this results in Continuous Delivery (CD)
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Outline/structure of the Session

The session will cover the following aspects

  • Set the context of the application-under-test (case-study), and the Testing & Automation challenges
  • The automation strategy
  • Chosen tech-stack (cucumber-jvm, appium) and why that made sense
  • How (and why) no cloud-based solution worked for me
  • Implementation details - MAD-LAB - which arose from the learnings of the failed experiments - which resulted in setting up my own real-device in-house lab.
  • Sharing the core implementation (code) of MAD-LAB (already open-sourced)

Learning Outcome

Learning from my experiments (what worked, or didn’t)

  • Approach to testing an OTT (entertainment domain) product
  • How to build a Test Automation Framework using cucumber-jvm / Appium
  • Implementation details to Manage Devices, Optimizing Test Execution via distribution, Appium server, Custom Reporting etc., enabling automatic test execution via CI on each new app build, and more.

Target Audience

Developers, Testers, Automation, Test Leads, Test Managers, Managers - especially those working on Mobile Apps



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