One click Infrastructure without any manual intervention running on the cloud.

In the world of CI/CD, it’s very important to have a managed on-demand distributed cloud infrastructure which enables your tests to run in parallel, distributed and in a reliable way on any available cloud which can be scaled as required. Selenium Grid along with Terra-form can be leveraged to write the whole infrastructure as code to prevent any human errors and manual intervention. In this talk, I shall take you through the journey of reducing the test execution pain-points in terms of time, resource availability, conflict handling, state management with a demonstration.


Outline/Structure of the Case Study

1. The need for Distribution testing

2. How we can achieve that

3. Challenges with Running in different Test Infra

4. How we have better solution Run all Tests in Cloud with one click

5. The better way of managing the Test- Infra

Learning Outcome

1. How we can manage out test-infra using Terraform in any Cloud.

Target Audience

Testers, Developers, Devops,

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