Have you ever wondered how the automation of APIs can give you confidence over the business layer? So, what exactly is “Business Layer”? As we all know that modern application architectures follow N-tier. So, the “Business Layer” is where all the business logics for an application or domain are implemented. Interesting, isn’t it?

What if I tell you that focusing on automation testing of “Business Layer” can greatly improve the quality of the apps in a significant way? Yes. You heard it correct. Now the second obvious question that may be messing up with your mind will be, “How”? The answer revolves around the automation of APIs.

Now as a QA, you must be wondering “Why” are we needed to do automation of API? Isn’t that the responsibility of Developer? To some extent, it’s true. To some extent, it’s not. QAs, with the right strategy, can achieve great level of confidence over this business layer by automating APIs which in turn, reduces the number of automation test cases required to be written at UI level.

In this session we are going to cover how APIs has changed the industry of Web & Mobile apps. In addition to this, we will go deeper through the strategies (feature based) that can be followed while automating APIs for quality checks, various API automation tools & Reporting for the API automation tests.


Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • How API has changed the way the modern application works?
  • Why it is so important to automate APIs and why QAs should be more focused on API testing?
  • Manual v/s Automation of APIs testing.
  • Tools used for Automation of APIs. (Postman, SOAP UI, Rest Assured)
  • API automation strategies.
  • Demo on API automation using Postman. (Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 APIs)
    • Postman basics (Global vs Local variables, Workspace, Collection, Test Runner, Monitor)
    • Authentication (API Security)
    • Pre-Requisite Script
    • Test Scripts
    • Data driven testing using CSV.
  • Introduction to Rest Assured.
  • API automation using Rest Assured.
    • Sample demo
  • Now that APIs are automated, how do we create test execution report?
  • Reporting Demo
    • Newman for postman (Default & Customized template)
    • Reporting for Rest Assured
  • Q&A.

Learning Outcome

  • Audience will get to learn on how effectively APIs can be tested.
  • API testing strategies
  • Utilizing postman monitors for regression cycle.
  • Reporting for Postman & Rest Assured

Target Audience

QAs , Automation Engineer, Devs

Prerequisites for Attendees

  • API knowledge (API Methods - GET, PUT, PATCH, POST, DELETE)
  • JavaScript Basics
  • Java basics
  • BDD basics. (Since the script for RestAssured is based on BDD Framework)
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