In this session we will discuss about the ecosystem where appium tool will be used to test all the positive flow to provide stable build for testing and promoting build to production in single click.

We will be using jenkins pipeline to compile android project to create an .apk file and then locate the file in the directory structure to install into emulator.

Once .apk file is installed to the emulator and run your test scenario, to check the stability of the build. When all the test scenario's get passed build will pushed to beta crashlytics for further testing.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Setup of the jenkins pipeline to start emulator on node machine
  • Configuring user agent on jenkins and mac machine
  • Majority of the session will be based on reducing the manual intervention while promoting the build from one environment to other
  • Discussion will include best approach to automate the user flows

Learning Outcome

  • Importance of setting up CI/CD for mobile automation
  • Practices related to Testing & Releases so that end goal is achieved
  • Early Feedback to the team and reducing bug life cycle

Target Audience

Dev, QA and Devops

Prerequisites for Attendees

Basic Appium knowledge


Basic knowledge of Java, maven, Selenium and TestNG

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