Hidden potential of your existing automation Set-up

Every organization with focusing towards automation spend endless time, money and effort to just do one thing "Release products faster" well, releasing products faster has its own advantages and disadvantages. How many companies have just focused on "functional" areas of the product?

I had a great opportunity to understand and learn not only to enhance existing automation but also to increase the potential of automation to provide 2x coverage eliminating the need for more tools, more workforce and risks falling out of hands to the market.


Outline/Structure of the Demonstration

  • Existing automation
  • What should automation look like
  • Are we using the automation to it's fullest potential?
  • Did I say 2X coverage?
  • How can you make use of this?
  • How does the output look like?

Learning Outcome

  • How narrow have we been thinking!
  • How can we enhance automation coverage
  • How can you get started!

Target Audience

App developers, Testers, Automation engineers, Product Managers, Performance Testing

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