Building Tools to Free up Exploratory Testers

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I have been a functional exploratory tester. I was motivated to move out of exploratory testing and go into automation. Thankfully, someone pulled me aside and told me - I am more suited to be a functional exploratory tester and I am business savvy. I didn't shy away from code. I worked closely with developers, my testing approach involved reading code (didn't write any) and brought in value to developers and to the business. I grew up as a tester being coached by experts, reading blogs from experts and learning that automation will help exploratory testers do more.

In my wait - I found very little effort that has gone in direction. I partnered with developers to be building some products.

I failed multiple times but here are my failed attempts

1. Tool for Social Media Driven Testing for Testers
2. Tool for mapping the heuristics and oracles to test ideas
3. A checklist tool for testing mobile apps and scoring on quality for start-ups

I would like to share
- The thinking behind building these tools and their value
- How purely focusing only on automation is taking away the possibility of building tools
- How I would love the community to start building tools
- How I can help and how they can help me

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Outline/Structure of the Case Study

I would like to tell my own story and how I (actually stealing credit from my team who build it) came to build tools

  • What I did differently from other manual testers?
  • What problems concern testing space according to me
  • The problems I picked and the way I tried solving them
  • The failures and analysis
  • The existing opportunity for people to build value different from automation frameworks and scripts
  • My vision of open sourcing non-code deep thinking tools for testing

Learning Outcome

  • A lot of people will come to Appium conference thinking they would learn about how to write better automation but this talk provides them an opportunity to discover that they could build tools too.
  • Discovering problems in testing that have been unaddressed and its opportunities
  • The learning from my failure and what not to do while building tools
  • Partnering with developers

Target Audience

Exploratory Testers, Automation Engineers, Developers, Leads, Managers, Entrepreneurs

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    The world of testing is rapidly changing. It's not just about functional correctness anymore: UX testing, performance testing, visual testing, and no doubt several other kinds of testing have descended upon us. Tools and methodologies have also proliferated—image analysis, AI, and other new terms give us pause. What will testing even be like in 5 years?

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    Appium is an open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on iOS mobile, Android mobile, and Windows desktop platforms. It is "cross-platform" and allows you to write tests against multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), using the same API. This enables code reuse between iOS, Android, and Windows test suites.

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    • Session
    • Desired Capabilities
    • Appium Server
    • Appium Clients
    • Appium Desktop

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