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    Evolutionary Agility with Kanban: Introduction to Kanban for Scrum Practitioners

    Jonathan Hansen
    Jonathan Hansen
    schedule 2 years ago
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    60 mins

    Scrum is by far the dominant Agile methodology and has been put to good use to positively change many software development groups. Some have found that even when they follow all the Scrum practices, they are still having some challenges, and they have turned to Kanban for help. Kanban is often framed as an alternative to Scrum, but it need not be so. Organizations using Scrum can augment their process with the Kanban Method to become more agile and delivery-oriented.

    Jonathan Hansen will use real-world examples, both from product and consulting companies, to show you some of the ways Kanban can work together with Scrum to help you manage the work inside Sprints, manage work that doesn’t fit in Sprints well, and provide a means to continuously improve your work.

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