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    The facilitation of choice

    Andrew Burrows
    Andrew Burrows
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    You often hear people ask, "Does the ScrumMaster role need to be a full-time role?". Obviously, the answer is yes. And you can point to results that you should expect to see from teams served by full-time, dedicated ScrumMasters. And you can detail the different aspects of the role that require such dedication. But the root of the issue is a misunderstanding of the ScrumMaster role.

    One the surface, the ScrumMaster role is relatively simple; to serve the team by removing obstacles, facilitating meetings and coaching. Dig deeper, and the role becomes far more nuanced. The ScrumMaster role is one of nurture and change.

    This session analyzes the ScrumMaster role through the lens of choice as an outcome. That is, that the role of the ScrumMaster is to facilitate the choice of an individual to be agile. The role of the ScrumMaster is to enable the behaviors that lead to agility, within the team and the organization.

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