When accountability is lacking, the unfortunate repercussion is that it drags down morale and hurts productivity. This may lead to members of your team finger pointing and blaming others, instead of spending time solving problems and finding solutions which boosts productivity. That’s when it’s time to step up and find ways to improve accountability.

This session will help  improve personal accountability to  achieve the things that matter, get more done and realize the full potential of your team. We will explore personal styles of communication, teamwork, accountability and responsibility in the workplace. Each participant will leave with knowledge of  proven strategies that can be used immediately to begin improving accountability for better results.

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Outline/structure of the Session

Overview Presenation, Interactive discussion to help audience members understand accountability challenges they might be having, go over ways to improve accountabilitys and suggested mini action plan. 

Learning Outcome

Key Take Aways:

- Understand your your patterns of “how YOU normally do things”

- Learn how to effectively deal with the finger pointing that takes place when something goes wrong

- How to identify your stories around “asking for help”

- Structures to hold you accountable to achieving your goal

- Learn how to encourage your team to suggest positive change just by asking the right questions

- Understand how to gain the trust and admiration of your team in your everyday work life

Target Audience

middle manager, manager, developers

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