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    KEYNOTE: Successful Agile Adoption Using Open Space

    Daniel Mezick
    Daniel Mezick
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    40 mins

    Open Space gatherings arranged inside organizations are totally unlike the Open Space events you may be familiar with during public conferences. As described in the book SPIRIT from Harrison Owen, Open Space is actually designed to enable development and transformations in organizations. This session is about how to leverage Open Space to scale Agile across the enterprise.

    At the root of effective Agile is the self-managed team...a self-organizing system. At the core of Open Space is the power of self-organization. In this sense, effective Agile adoptions and Open Space are very, very similar.

    During this session I will present narratives, pictures, videos and testimony from C-level people as well as team members. Each will describe how Open Space inside their Agile adoption literally changed their lives. Of particular interest are the stories executives tell about how they learned to let go and trust their people to provide everything the Agile adoption needed to succeed at scale.

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