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    Translating Agile for a Non-Technical Team

    Christine Novello
    Christine Novello
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    Parlez-vous Agile?

    Sprechen sie Scrum?

    Agile methods originated in technical practice, and its roots are solidly planted in the fertile ground of software engineering. Certifications in Scrum all require understanding of engineering practices, and the more senior level certifications require both in-depth understanding and practical application.  The message would seem to be that Agile practitioners must be Software Engineering practitioners. However, non-technical teams are adopting agile methods as ways to better organize – or, more accurately, self-organize – in increasing numbers.

    As the language and history of agile is so strongly steeped in software engineering, applying agile methods in a non-technical setting requires some translation to be applied in a non-technical team.  I'm not just talking about jargon translation here; the methods and practices themselves sometimes need a tweak to work outside software engineering. The use of agile and scrum is not a slam-dunk success in every setting - be it technical or non-technical - but in this talk, I will separate myth from reality and give some practical examples from my own experience.  I invite you to join to learn, to contribute, and to discuss the opportunities as well as the effort required to leverage Agile/Scrum for a non-technical team.  

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