• Fabiola Eyholzer
    Fabiola Eyholzer
    schedule 2 years ago
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    60 mins

    Do you remember the frustration that comes from trying to make traditional HR instruments like performance reviews work for your Agile teams? Do you feel HR is undermining your best efforts at collaborative leadership and is holding you back? Do you find yourself in a constant dispute with HR over people processes?

    It is inevitable: HR must embrace Lean | Agile values and principles in order to engage and energize Agile talents. It’s time to show HR how key people challenges like retention, talent development, and performance management can be addressed successfully with Lean | Agile.

    Join this session to

    – gain valuable insights into the world of Human Resource Management

    – recognize the impact of Agile HR practices through stories and examples

    – discover why Agile needs HR and vice versa

    – identify compelling arguments and tactics to convince HR to go Agile.    

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