For daily scrum meetings to work each member needs to communicate effectively. Experts have called face-to-face communication the most impactful and influential of all communication. Yet people often avoid talking face-to-face because of the potential for miscommunication.

Some find it difficult to speak up in meetings or stand up for ideas. Others push their ideas too hard or discount the opinions of others. Find out why we communicate differently and discover the formula for effectively asking for what we want.

Learn to portray a more appropriate image by understanding and balancing communication styles. Enhance your communication skills and build more productive working relationships. Learn to quickly find the right words and the right way to speak.


Outline/Structure of the Workshop

In this communication workshop real work is accomplished. Terra provides a comfortable environment for all types of learners. She begins with the theory and the “why” then quickly moves into the fun stuff. Role-playing, case-studies, and demonstrations are heavily utilized. In order to benefit from the experience of seasoned professionals, Terra encourages everyone to share. She always ends with strong motivation for each individual to apply something new that they learned.

Learning Outcome


  • Become aware of common speech patterns that discredit our ideas at work
  • Identify communication styles and respect their differences
  • Learn how body language can change the meaning of what we say
  • Glean tips for sharing a message that establishes a connection and leaves an impression

Target Audience

managers, business analysts, scrum masters, product owners, developers

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