Agile and its use in other areas- SCRUMTHINK the new way to approach education

In todays work environment there are ever increasing pressures to increase the knowledge of workers and gain the competitive advantage/ The education system is under pressure to transform the methods it uses to educate and train students to meet the needs of business. SCRUMTHINK is a revolutionary process and set of tools that will empower students, make them part of the learning process. SCRUMTHINK builds into the planning , execution and closing of the educational process agile principles and tools. this new approach has been piloted in live classrooms and will migrate to many other educational pursuits.     

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Outline/structure of the Session

1) Introduction

2) The challenges of Higher Ed and building and engaging students  

3) The Case study-using agile in Higher Ed -SCRUMTHINK in action 

4) The tools and process of SCRUMTHINK  

5) Results of the use of SCRUMTHINK

6) Leveraging agile in other industries-SCRUMTHINK expanding to the medical, law and many other fields

7) Conclusion

8) Q+A 

Learning Outcome

1) Understanding the need to apply agile principles in your industry

2) Completing an analysis of your industry and agile tools to implement

3) Establishing an implementation plan to start your rollout of agile

4) Overcoming resistance

5) Building executive support

6) Rolling out the changes

7) Continually improve

8) Follow up


Target Audience

All interested parties who are looking to leverqge agile in any area of work

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