Agile for Enterprise - Scrum Examples You Can Use Tomorrow!

Deliver more impact and build the right product with innovative ideas and tools for successful Scrum implementations that you can use as soon as you get back to the office. Over the years, studies have shown more companies are not only adopting agility in formal ways, but are also looking to expand across multiple Teams, Programs and at the Portfolio level. In this engaging presentation, two enthusiasts will share their journey and expertise on Agile practices. They reveal different flavors of Scrum, Kanban and Engineering practices witnessed in software development.
Nitin Khanna (ACP, ICP-ACC) and Bob Phillips (MBA, PMP, ACP) bring years of experience in a variety of industries. Their combined background is in Project and Program Management, being a Scrum Master, Product Owner and Professional Coaching.

Bob is currently with a non-profit in NYC and Nitin has wrapped up an Agile adoption for a wealth management company in NJ. Both represent the PMINJ Agile Local Community of Interest (LCI) and have been instrumental in helping it grow, organically, with other Core Committee Members.

BobPhillips Bob is an agile practitioner who has served as Scrum Master across many projects. He’s currently the Salesforce Program Manager at Teach For America where he was selected to present innovations he brought to his teams at Dreamforce. During his career at IBM, he led efforts to obtain organizational buy-in for teams to have the option to leverage Agile methods within the Global Technology Services Division. To support consolidation efforts within the Office of the CIO, Bob led teams from multiple divisions in the creation of Process and Product Quality Assurance and Service Delivery Life Cycle methods to standardize enterprise processes and tools that streamlined architecture review operations and reduce costs. Bob received his MBA with honors from the New Jersey Institute of Technology as well as an MS in Management and BS in Mechanical Engineering. He is working on his Doctoral Dissertation in Information Technology at Pace University, where he is a member of the Upsilon Phi Epsilon Honors Society.

Nitin Khanna Nitin Khanna is a a Scrum enthusiast and Agile practitioner. He has worked as a Product Owner, Scrum Master and Agile Coach with various Teams and Organizations.He has recently wrapped an Agile Adoption with a Wealth Management Company in NJ. As a Certified Agile Coach (ICP-ACC), he worked closely to empower a Team to experiment with Scrum. The initiative was declared a success and the Organization is looking to leverage  Agile practices in the future. Prior to this, Nitin has worked extensively in the Life Sciences domain. As a former Product Owner (PSPO II & CSPO), he has helped launch various internal products (100+) for Scientists and Researchers. Some of the initiatives have received corporate recognition, the most prominent of which received a Chairman’s award for bringng about lab safety.

Outline/Structure of the Talk

  • What is Agility?
    • Distinguish between Scrum (leading) and Agile
    • Why focus on Scrum (all encompassing of other practices)
    • Name other potential Agile practices (E.g. XP, Kanban, etc.)
  • IRON Triangle in Agile
  • Enterprise Governance necessary to Build the Right Product
    • Common Process
    • Small and large projects and programs at TFA
  • Scrum Overview and examples of how to Build the Right Product
    • Roles / Product Backlog
    • EPICS & Stories (PBIs)
    • Sprint Planning / Sprint Backlog
    • Daily Scrum Meeting
    • Sprint Review / Finished Work
    • Retrospective
  • Scaling
    • Scaling and Challenges
    • Some Common Considerations
    • Different Ways & History
    • Scrum in the Enterprise
  • Key Takeaways

Learning Outcome

Have fun with engaging activities while we...

  1. Understand how to use Scrum to build the right product by leveraging Scrum Roles, Events, and Artifacts
  2. Clearly distinguish between "Agile" and "Scrum"
  3. Understand why the Scrum framework is the most widely known of Agile practices
  4. Understand how some Organizations are defining Agility and find a common language to quickly gauge where they stand
  5. Understand the “Iron Triangle” in Agile initiatives
  6. Understand what are some of the tools for Agile initiatives and how/when/whether they can help
  7. Find where Project Managers “fit in!”
  8. See examples of creative Kanban Boards and how Teams use them
  9. Get a perspective from not one, but two Agile enthusiasts with examples from prior and current workplaces!
  10. Understand (at a high level) how Teams scale (Team / Program / Portfolio level)

Target Audience

Scrum Master, Product Owners, DEV Teams, Stakeholders, All levels of Management, Project and Program Managers

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