Business Agility isn't about Increments (It IS all about High Tempo Testing/Experimentation)

There's a real danger that as people go into Business Agility what they'll take as inspiration from the Agile Development world is the iterations but not iterating. Real agility comes from iterating and experimenting. In this talk we will issue grave warnings as well as point towards concrete tools and practices that can support the real agility mindset of learning as fast as possible what works.

Using marketing as an example, we will see how to apply approaches and tools such as Lean Startup, Minimum-Viable-Play, Validation Boards, Learning as part of the flow, Popcorn Flow, not just when developing products but also when developing experiences/journeys/processes.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • Introducing the Agile Theater - A set of practices that doesn't achieve real agility - And how it might backfire in a Business Agility context - using real-world examples from Agile-Marketing contexts.
  • Agility - Dealing with uncertainty/complexity by learning/adapting - What does this mean in a Business Agility context?
  • What's missing in the Agile Manifesto that we shouldn't ignore as we go towards Business Agility?
  • Short Introduction to Lean Startup / High Tempo Testing approaches and examples of how to use some tools from this space in a Business Agility context - using real-world examples from an Agile Marketing context

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the risks of the Agile Theater
  • Understand the real purpose of business agility and how to see whether your business agility implementation is achieving this purpose
  • Understand why and how to apply concepts from Lean Startup/High Tempo Testing in a business agility context

Target Audience

Business Agility Change Agents, Leaders, Coaches, Practitioners


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