In the rush towards business agility, let's make sure we don't create unsustainable change via Prescriptive Mandates. What's the problem with Prescriptive Mandates? People tend to ignore them or do the minimum required to wait until the storm passes. And the prescription might not work in the specific context we're applying it to. This is especially dangerous when leaving the relative comfort zone of Agile Development into new Business Agility areas.

So what's the alternative? Invitation and pull-based change. Manage change as an internal market - Don't force people to buy into it but sell it to them and help them consume it at their pace. In other words - Figure out and optimize the "customer journey" for your internal change.

Also make sure that you don't apply a "one size fits all" and you aren't religious about methodology and practices. Emphasize values and principles and experiment with what practices work in each context and allow some variability at least initially.

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Outline/structure of the Session

The danger of unsustainable change via prescriptive methodologies and mandates - using real-life examples from large scale agile initiatives

The special bonus of applying prescriptive mandates from other domains in the organization (the danger of telling people "Go implement this methodology used in Development")

Introducing invitation/pull-based change

Introducing key techniques/practices used in invitation/pull-based change

How to focus on principles/agendas and deemphasize practices in your business agility transformation

Learning Outcome

Understand the danger of prescriptive mandate based business agility transformations

Beware of copycat implementations taking Agile Development and forcing it into other Business Agility contexts

Understand the principles and rationale for invitation/pull based change

Gain familiarity with key practices that can be used to add some invitation/pull to your business agility transformation

Learn techniques for focusing on principles/agendas when running a business agility transformation

Target Audience

Change Agents, Leaders, Coaches, Practitioners, Executives


Nothing is assumed

Experience seeing Agile Transformations or other Change initiatives at play would be helpful.

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