Most organizations today are on a journey to adopt an agile approach. And while that journey is difficult, it is not where the majority fall down. The true challenge lies in the years ahead - in sustaining and growing your agility to truly impact your business in a meaningful way. There are a myriad of troubles ahead for agile initiatives to stall out and fail.

Discover the keys to sustaining agility from companies who have not only retained their agility for over 10 years, but have deepened and expanded agility to grow their businesses and surpass their competition. is outpacing the market 800 to 1 since 2006, McKinsey & Company is rapidly growing a digital transformation profit center from an agile IT cost center since 2007. GE continues to expand their agility across all businesses since 2008.

Pete shares a key story behind the agile transformation which underlines and illustrates the keys to sustaining and growing organizational and business agility.

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Outline/structure of the Session

This talk is presented as a story early in the transformation of where key impediments surfaced and were addressed. The moral of the story is shared illustrating the keys to successful sustained and growth-oriented agility. The audience is challenged to reflect on their own agile organizational journey in light of these keys.

This talk uses very few slides at the end to simply highlight the key takeaways - the main story does not require slides, as it is engaging on its own.

Learning Outcome

Participants will learn that in order to sustain and grow their agility, they must

  • create their own agility, rather than renting it from others
  • foster transparency and safety for people to experiment and fail
  • embed agility within the culture of their organization to have it stick
  • leadership role modeling the values, mindset and behaviors of agility

Target Audience

Executive Leaders, Enterprise Agile Coaches

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