Using the Kanban Method to "grow up" our business

Running a small business is no small task. Financial management, sales, hiring, managing people, and supporting existing clients are just a handful of activities a small business might address in a single day. So what happens when you use the Kanban Method to manage your business?

I’ll share my experiences while training, coaching, and evolving a small business using the Kanban Method. You’ll see how the Method quickly surfaced issues, revealed hidden opportunities for innovation, and how the business is using the Method to mature the services they offer.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  • What do I mean by small business?
    • < 25 million in annual revenue
    • A small amount of overhead (between 3 to 8 full time staff)
    • Many more roles than people
  • Retraining your brain (seeing services through previous and current work)
  • How we got started with Kanban in two hours
  • Services we started tracking and how we set internal service levels
  • How we measure our performance and monitor for fitness
  • How fitness gave us a higher meaning than just service levels
  • Addressing the emotions in the room
    • How we addressed challenges to limit our commitment and focus when demand would spike or capability would drop
    • The squeaky wheel and the grease; addressing team member subversion
  • Growing up by having grown up conversations
    • How we’ve leveraged cadences to act as guiderails for having tough meaningful conversations that support wise-minded decision making

Learning Outcome

  • You’ll walk away with a good appreciation for how the Kanban Method can be used within your business starting tomorrow
  • You’ll gain an appreciation for what it means to “grow up” your business not just by scale, but by changing behavior and work practices
  • You’ll learn three simple measurements and one simple technique that will challenge and improve your business

Target Audience

Executives, CEO's, Presidents, VP's, Management Staff


Bring your brains (possibly caffeinated). That's all.

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