Communities of Practice - the not-so-hidden force behind Ericsson ICT Development Center's Agile Success

If your company is heading for Agile at Scale, it definitely requires Self Organization at Scale!

Organizations seeking to grow their Agile network are in dire need of empowering their workforce, and there is where Communities of Practice (CoP) take over.

During the past few years we have seen at Ericsson ICT Development Center Aachen Eurolab (Germany) several CoPs emerge and take over the responsibility for the evolution of Kaizen, T-Shape, DevOps, employees’ motivation… even operational aspects such as 5G research or security are moving forward with the support of CoPs.

CoPs provided the energy and drive we needed to uncover opportunities at every level in every kind of organizational unit and so pull the company forward.

We will present to you our practical experiences, how CoPs are born, the secret of their success, and how they managed to revolutionize the way a multinational giant of the telecommunications world growths within the new Ways of Working!


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The operative power of Communities of Practice in Agile companies is what I will enforce, based on our experiences of the last few years.

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Advanced Agilists

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