Enhancing Your Life with Personal Agility

Personal Agility is a simple framework that allows you to focus on what really matters. Bringing the efficiencies that we've experienced in the IT world and expanding these practices to new applications. Discover how personal agility can help you uncover better ways of organizing your life. Hear a case study on the application of Personal Agility and learn how you can begin applying simple steps and powerful questions to focus on what really matters.

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Outline/structure of the Session

  1. The Power of Personal Agility designed to help guide you on your own journey
  2. How to refine your focus and accomplish more.
  3. What really matters, which things could you minimize to focus on what matters?
  4. What could you do if you knew you could not fail?
  5. For me it was Real Estate Investments IT Consulting Business Stock Market Family Real Estate Coaching Real Estate Brokerage Mentoring Gardening Being Healthy. Until I learned how to limit things. Importance of WIP limits.
  6. Simplify and Focus on what really matters!
  7. What really matters to YOU? What is your number one?
  8. What could you do if you didn’t have multiple things going on at the same time?
  9. The sky isn’t the limit, our belief system is…
  10. What limiting beliefs are holding you back?
  11. What really matters?

Learning Outcome

Learn how you can begin applying simple steps and powerful questions to focus on what really matters. Leading an Agile lifestyle that allows time for what matters is attainable.

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to learn how to organize life and focus on what really matters.



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  • Savannah Rayat
    By Savannah Rayat  ~  10 months ago
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    Hello Everyone! I added a link to slide share where I have uploaded the slide deck that was used in "Heart of Agile" and "Lean+Agile DC 2017" conferences for this topic. Also I have edited the outline here with more details.