How to Rise to the Challenge of Complexity

Business Agility is not just the new thing, or a way to increase efficiency. It is a very good response to the challenge of complexity and dynamics (or VUCA, if you like). But while Agile is mostly about transforming the operating system of an organisation, there is little about the changes of individual understanding and competence, apart from "learning how to operate the operating system". No wonder is there an ongoing complaint about people doing Agile, not being Agile, or about the lack of the Agile mindset.

In this talk, Bernhard presents the Complexity Compass, an effective starting point for anyone who wants to navigate complexity. This brand new approach includes a mental framework, a set of principles, activities and tools that encompass the essential basics that help you rise up competently to the challenge of complexity, both within an Agile operating system, and without.

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Outline/structure of the Session

What Agility has to do with complexity.

Understanding the WHY makes you more competent in the HOW.

Some fundamental differences between complex and ordered, and why current approaches fail.

The Complexity Compass

Examples and case studies. (The model has been tried out in the last 5 years with various customers in Europe).

Learning Outcome

Participants have

- increased their grasp of complexity, with a focus to elements which are relevant for leadership and collaboration.

- understood what in their approach to managing and getting things done needs to be fundamentally different in complex environments,. They possess a model that acts as a "chest of drawers" for their existing as well as new methods and tools for navigating complexity.

- increased their curiosity to question their existing methods and ways of thinking, and found a systematic explanation for the need to do so.

Target Audience

Leaders and coaches who face complex challenges



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