What if there were a Kanban board at the coffee machine? (or how we do it in Europe)

- And we could all note down, visualize and tackle day-to-day frustrations, ideas and challenges -

The advantages of using agile techniques inside and outside IT are clear and well-known, provided the agile processes have been defined for the right reasons.

Apart from using those techniques in business projects, we have implemented a way of tackling the non-work related issues based on techniques and ideas such as scrum, kanban, kaizen and sociocracy.
“People aren't happy because they're successful. They're successful because they're happy” – Jeff Sutherland
Following the above quote, we defined a framework, where all frustrations, questions, ideas and anything that was team-related but not work-related could be tackled.
Examples: working from home, flex desks, non core tasks that are too time consuming, dog-sitting, meeting rules, air-co usage... Everything that is keeping you from a happy workday should be as important as the work itself.
In this session, I want to explain how we do this, and how we keep the balance between what has to be done and the time needed to tackle those non-work related issues that are so critical for the happiness of the team members.

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Outline/structure of the Session

- how did the idea raise
- use cases and examples in our company and outside
- frameworks, ideas and techiques used to achieve results

Learning Outcome

Hopefully inspiration

Target Audience

Anyone interested in how to use agile techniques in different ways


An open mind :-)

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